Teller Tales

Bruce and Kitty Mills Dalton of Salina are not well. New residents of Meadowlark are Leo Lake, Abilene, and Walter Hoffman, Pratt county (Langdon, Preston), he was once on the Kansas State faculty. Meadowlark people often see physical therapist Monette McKeeman Murdock at nearby Via Christi Hospital. She and her husband went to Maryland for his brother’s wedding.

If you have TV you probably have Turner Classic Movies which formerly sent you a Now Showing, which collectively brought you nearly every movie ever made, including silent. Now they will send you e-mails instead. On a recent day and night, they showed Andy Hardy movies starring Andy Rooney and Judy Garland.

The May 14 issue of our favorite magazine, The Weekly Standard, tells how after John Wilkes Booth killed President Abraham Lincoln, Vice President Andrew Johnson from Tennessee became President and favored the South during Reconstruction. The Republican House impeached Johnson and the Senate found him Not Guilty. Many think if the same thing happens now it would be because the voters prefer Trump over Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer.

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