Teller Tales

In the summer of 1940 this writer, a senior at Enterprise High School, worked for the Hoffman Mill in a small office building where Highway 43 now intersects with the railroad tracks, Highway 43, the Smoky Hill River, a block from the bank, the proposed Carry Nation Museum, the lumber yard across the street, the Ehrsam factory to the northeast, the grain elevator to the north.

Though the staff managed 35 elevators along the tracks of Sante Fe, Rock Island and Union Pacific railroads, it was a small part of Flour Mills of America. The summer before, this writer had been an office boy in the company headquarters on the 10th floor of the New York Life build in Kansas City, carrying grain samples to our uncle, Arthur Hoffman, at the board of trade. We lived at the YMCA, rode a streetcar to the Plaza.

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