Pastor’s Corner

“Climate Control”

I have been in Vacation Bible School this week. So far, the kids have learned that when you are lonely, worried, or struggling: Jesus rescues. The lessons reminded me of an old commercial on TV that featured a couple driving through a storm complete with large hail. Maybe you have seen it. A male passenger is heard whining about the hail as the female drives through a horrific thunderstorm. The man complains constantly until he convinces the woman to pull over and at this point the commercial plays with words and concepts and the climate control button in the car stops the storm. It was one of those commercials that I don’t think worked for me like the advertisers expected.

I felt a mixture of pity and frustration toward the whining man. I can’t imagine why anyone worried about dents from hail would simply want to stop in the midst of the hailstorm and sit there as an open target. It seems to me, one ought to push on through the storm so that one is no longer being pummeled

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