From Maine to Kansas…the story of Scott E. Poor

Dickinson County Historical Society

It was the year 1870 in the booming town of Chapman, Kansas. And for one man, Scott E. Poor, this town would provide him well, and in return, he would do the same.

Born in Andover, Maine on December 26, 1844, Scott E. Poor remained in his hometown until he could venture out on his own and discover the world. And, that is exactly what he did. During the Civil War, telegraph operators were in great demand, and Poor was persistent to make that his life’s work. He went to Vermont, where he studied the Morse system with the help of a friend. Not being content with the outcome of his studies, he packed up and departed to Springfield, Massachusetts. It was there that he furthered his study in the art of telegraphy, looking forward to obtaining knowledge in other lines of business too.


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